The Consortium bodies and operations

The Consortium operates through the following bodies:

General Assembly: The founding General Assembly of the Consortium took place on 1 July 2008 in Rio de Janeiro. It is the supreme body for decisions.
Mr. Dominique Riche (Bozel Europe) has been elected Chairman of the General Assembly. As such he also presides over the Technical Working Group.

Technical Working Group: All technical activities in preparation of the registration dossier are dealt with in the Technical Working Group (TWG).

Secretariat: The Consortium has concluded a service agreement with the CASI INSTITUTE to provide the Secretariat to the consortium. The Consortium is treated as a separate entity from the CASI INSTITUTE itself.

The team in charge at the CASI INSTITUTE is made up of:

Mrs. Inès Van Lierde – Secretary General: overall coordination

Tel: + 32 2 775 63 02


Mrs. Catherine Conty – Executive Assistant

Tel: + 32 2 775 63 01


Mrs. Nadia Vinck – Science expert: technical and scientific issues

Tel: + 32 2 775 63 04


Trustee: The Consortium has entrusted the CASI INSTITUTE with the handling of all the confidential production and/or import figures needed for the calculation of the fees and of the voting rights. The system, based on a stringent service agreement, guarantees that the individual member figures can not be accessed by any other member company nor anyone else, whether or not involved in the Consortium activities.

Auditor: The Consortium has asked PwC to yearly audit its procedures and accounts.


CaSi has been registered on its own for REACH in 2010

the position paper of the CaSi Institute can be found under Position Papers section