The substance covered by the Consortium

The CASI INSTITUTE has been researching and developing the legal framework for a REACH Consortium that will generate the required dossiers and has also done technical groundwork to prepare for REACH. 


The Consortium Technical Working Group has agreed on a research programme to generate the additional data needed for the assessment of the substances/preparations.


The product covered by the Consortium is:


Ferro-Silico-Calcium (in short CaSi)


The CaSi alloy covered by the consortium, produced in an electric arc furnace, must have the following composition:


Ca:      28 32 % 

Si:       55 63 % 

Al:       < 2.5 %

C:        1 % max


Further precisions will be provided in the ID Card that has been established by the Consortium's Technical Working Group in order to prepare for the sameness discussions in the pre-SIEF.



CaSi has been registered on its own for REACH in 2010

the position paper of the CaSi Institute can be found under Position Papers section